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About us


The Shane Project is a charity for African/Caribbean & Ethnic Minority People living with MS, their families and carers. It was founded in April 2002 by Norma McFarlane whose two sons were diagnosed with MS. It is named after her eldest son Shane who was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS in 1993 but sadly passed away in December 2003. ...Read More

Mission Statement

The Shane Project exists to raise awareness, provide support, information, advocacy and empowerment to people with MS, their carers and relatives, particularly in the African/Caribbean and Ethnic Minority Communities. Although we have a target group, no one is excluded….All are Welcome.......Read More

Aims and Objectives

Our main aim is the relief of sickness amongst people living with MS, their families and carers particularly from the African/Caribbean and Ethnic Minority Communities but not exclusive by any mean. We do this through the provision of telephone support helpline, monthly workshops & seminars, research updates, emotional & counselling support, ....Read more


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