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About us

Aims and Objectives

Our main aim is the relief of sickness amongst people living with MS, their families and carers particularly from the African/Caribbean and Ethnic Minority Communities but not exclusive by any mean. We do this through the provision of telephone support helpline, monthly workshops & seminars, research updates, emotional & counselling support, befriending & mentoring, network clubs, awareness raising campaigns and partnership working with research institutions, MS organisations, public and voluntary organisations.

We bring services to those with MS, their families/carers to:

  • Stop them feeling isolated and excluded
  • Empower them with knowledge thus putting them in control;
  • Enable them receive support from people who have an understanding of their cultural specific issues and who are of similar background
  • Encourage their full participation in community

Support Provided

We do not give medical advice. However, we have come to realise that when someone is first diagnosed with MS it can be very traumatic and people tend to become isolated. It is at this point that someone needs information on a number of issues ranging from welfare benefits, physiotherapy, resource centres and housing. If we ourselves cannot provide this information, we will point you in the right direction or sign post you to relevant organisations.

Being newly diagnosed of any debilitating condition like MS can be very confusing and overwhelming not only to the individual but their families as well. It can lead to family breakdown, rejection, stress, depression and other health issues if the right support is not available or provided. Our support service allows you, your family or carers to speak to someone open heartedly, who understands what you are going through and who will take you through the transition in the most sensitive and compassionate way.

Our trained Advisers, majority of who have MS themselves will provide a non-judgemental environment for you to off-load your feelings and thoughts and work through any confusion and emotions by exploring different coping strategies with you.

Why African/Caribbean & Ethnic Minority people?

Although are target group is mainly BME people, the project reaches out to anyone diagnosed with and affected by MS in any way. Our telephone information, advice and support helpline are available nationally.

However, it is well documented that people with MS from BME communities are hard to reach and also suffer the most isolation further compounded by stigmatisation, ignorance, insufficiency in service provision and facilities to support them; increased discrimination and prejudice even within their own communities. In these communities disability of any kind let alone MS with no known cause or cure is seen as a taboo or curse and people shy away from talking about it leaving the affected isolated and rejected.

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