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Awareness Raising Campaigns

The Shane Project carries its awareness campaign to schools and colleges. It is evident that MS can strike at an early age including the teenage years. Early intervention and support might make all the difference to a young person diagnosed with MS or caring for a relative with MS.

We deliver a regular School/College outreach programme to:services, awareness raising campaigns, community outreach

Educate young people about MS & encourage them to become the ‘voices’ of those living with MS in their various establishments.

Identify young people with MS or caring for a family member with MS so as to provide them with support.

Community Outreach

Our community events are aimed at raising awareness about MS and highlighting the fact that MS is not a “White Man” Community Outreachcondition, it can affect anyone including BME people too. This campaign also aims to educate the public about the impact of MS on individuals and families affected, particularly for those from BME communities where stigmatisation and prejudice is still an issue.


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