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Living My Life

I live with a disease they call MS. If you ask me, they should call it the pits. At times, itís a struggle to make it thru the day. But, I know Iíll make it, in my own way. I keep trying and struggling and giving it my best. I hope thru my tears and efforts, Iíll pass this test. Read on

This test as I see it is to accept what life gives us and to turn every failure into a great big plus. We can only do this by learning from past mistakes. God gives the ability to have what this takes We all have our problems we live with these days. We each learn to deal with them in our own way. What works for one may not work for all. We each should have the right to make our own call.

I smoke marijuana to control my disease. I refuse to allow my disease to control me. The lawyers and doctors are arguing their cases. While people like me are scared to show our real faces. We canít get good jobs, Ďcause we canít pass the drug tests, even though weíre hard workers, willing to give it our best.

Until the day comes when they find a cure for my disease, I feel I should be able to use what works for me. I should be able to do this with my head held high and not be made to feel like I have to live a lie.

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