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Network Club

Network Club - 27th Feb 2015

Topic: Dial-a-Ride

Chairing by: Norma/George



Highlights for discussion


Registration/Tea & Coffee

• Welcome and introduction


• MS talk

• MS talk


Brian Belle-Fortune on (MS)

• Speakers – David Page - Dial-a-Ride


Network Club Luncheon Fees

• Health & Wellbeing Programme – Tola Kolawole


Speakers – David Page - Dial-a-Ride








Health & Wellbeing Programme – Tola Kolawole, Holistic therapy



Steering Group (3-5 people) what people with MS need & how it can help them



Lunch & socialising



Edmonton Baptist Church, Monmouth Road, N9 0LS




MS talk

Everyone was invited to share information about their MS. A member mentioned tablets for bladder control (Colonic Aloe Vera) sold at Holland & Barrett. Another member informed everyone he was feeling positive on realising that the friends he no longer have because of his MS were people that he should not have had around him and that it was family/friends who find it most difficult coping with his MS. A mother who’s son has RRMS ask for tips on how best to support her son. She finds it difficult to coop. She was encouraged to dig deep within herself in order to find coping mechanisms. (Her son needs her).

NWC luncheon fees

The fee for lunch will increase by 50 pence bringing it to £3.50 on the 1st April 2015.

Dial-A-Ride (DAR) – David Page

DAR is for people who cannot access buses and who have a long term disability. To become a member complete an application form together with a letter from your GP saying why you cannot use public transport. You will automatically join DAR if you get any of the following:

- A Taxicard member
- Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance
- Standard or Enhanced Mobility Rate of the Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
- Registered blind or partially sighted
- Higher Rate Attendance Allowance

DAR is a free service and you can book as many journeys as is needed. DAR cannot provide travel to hospital appointments. During Q & A’s the following complaint was raised:

- A member of DAR mentioned on more than one occasion a taxi cab was sent to pick them up even though DAR are aware they are wheelchair users and therefore should have a bus. The taxi has to be sent back and there is the inconvenience of waiting for the bus to arrive. David said he would take it back to the office and ask his manager to investigate why it was happening. There were three other interesting points: Amount of mileage for each journey, group bookings and Travel Mentors.


The Chair asked how many people phoned the session to talk and 3 people raised their hand. The Chair said it would be nice if more people took part and not the same people time and time again. It would be more interesting if different people took part that way we would have more of a varied topics.

Steering group (3-5 people)

A group of experts with the necessary experience used correctly to investigate topics. The Volunteer Coordinator pointed out that the teleconference is not working out as planned. This he said could be put into the steering group for it to be explored. 2 or 3 people are needed to put their heads together and share ideas. Anyone interested should contact the office by phone on 020 8884 6330 or email:

Health & Wellbeing Programme - Mar-Aug 2015

The Programme is about what the requirements of people with MS are and what are their needs?

TSP will have the following programmes from the period Mar–Aug 2015:

- Nutritionist
- Holistic dietary needs and head massages

The Volunteer Coordinator informed members that 2 weeks before the next NWC we will know what is included on the Nutrition and Health & Wellbeing Programme.

The Volunteer Coordinator asked members to complete a Health & Wellbeing Questionnaire to gather feedback about requirements and needs they have.

Juanita Downer - Cyrus Marcel’s funeral

Sadly, Cyrus Marcel passed away in December 2014. Juanita attended the funeral on behalf of TSP and read a short poem from the Programme.


ASDA – December 2014 (Fundraising) The Volunteer Coordinator (dressed as an elf) and the chair were at Asda (Edmonton) collecting for two hours. They raised £56.25. TSP will continue to work in partnership with them throughout the year.

Money matters – Lorraine Jones

If any member has pressing money issues and would like to spend some time on a one to one basis with Lorraine please contact the office on 020 8884 6330 or email:

TSP Network Club (NWC) sessions

TSP Chair informed the members of the number of NWC sessions run each year:

- 10 sessions from Feb – Nov each year
- NWC in September is replaced by the Quiz Night

The dates will be printed on the Agenda each month to remind everyone.

Chairing – NWC

Anyone who wants to Chair any of the NWC sessions for this year please contact the office on 020 88884 6330 or by email to Mandy or Lakhan.


The holiday cruise did not happen owing to the fact that the cruise liners could only cater for a certain amount of people with disability. Karl Murray who was arranging the trip was unable to come and speak to us directly as he is out of the country on family matters.

Quiz Night – 25th September 2015

Every year TSP Quiz Night is held in September. Any members who would like to participate in the planning please contact the office. Also if anyone would like to speak about their journey with MS on the night please inform the office. Ring: 020 8884 6630 to inform a member of staff.


Read more about the Network Club: