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Network Club

Network Club - 31st july 2015

Topic: Mediation

Chairing by: Jenny Gabbidon



Highlights for discussion


Registration/Tea & Coffee Gentle aerobic exercise for everyone

Welcome and introduction (Gentle aerobic exercise)


MS Talk

MS talk


Speaker Vincent Adon - Mediation

Pymmes Park Festival 25th July 2015 update 


Tola Kolawole Health & Wellbeing (2nd session)

2nd hand stall 16/07/2015


Quiz Night 26th September 2015

Pymmes Park Festival 25th July


2nd hand stall 16/07/2015 update




Pymmes Park Festival 25th July 2015 update




Lunch & socialising



Edmonton Baptist Church, Monmouth Road, N9 0LS




MS talk

A member discussed the medication Tecfidera prescribed by a consultant to treat Relapsing Remitting MS, and helps and to manage their life better, but is difficult to get hold of.

Speaker Vincent Adon Mediation (legal consultant)

Vincent explained the process of mediation as an informal way of settling a dispute between 2 parties without having to go to court. He discussed with the group the process of mediation:

- Case is confidential no one outside needs to know

- 2 parties in the dispute the mediator is not part of the case and is neutral

- Communication with each party is important each party have a dispute and will discuss it

- The plan is all about finding practical solutions Mediator is trained to do that

- The Mediator will collect the evidence and ask why you are doing it

- The solution comes from the party

- Any admission of guilt by either party can be used if the case should go to court if a settlement is not reached

- If agreement is reachedSpeaker Tola Kolawole Nutrition & Wellbeing (2nd session) in mediation yet not followed through the decision can be endorsed by a court of law

Speaker Tola Kolawole Nutrition & Wellbeing (2nd session)

Tola discussed the dangers of fad diets to lose weight quickly only in the long-term is a danger to your health. Check your body mass index as a guide to know how much weight to lose.

Tips to manage your weight:

- Losing weight is a balancing act with food intake and activity.

- People with MS can do chair based exercises to get the heart rate up.

Tips for losing weight are:

- Eat more fruit and vegetables low in sugar

- Keep a food diary find out what triggers you to eat more

- Treat yourself once in a while to something other than food buy yourself a new dress

Myths around weight loss:

- Water helps you lose weight

- Starving yourself is the best way to lose weight

- Food labelled low fat or have reduced fat are good for you always read the label

Quiz Night Saturday 26th September 2015

The Volunteer Coordinator asked members if they knew of any friends or relatives to volunteer on the night to spread the word. The more people we can make aware the better.

2nd hand stall 16th July 2015 - update

HThe Volunteer Coordinator commented on the reasons for the stall not going ahead as planned due to bad weather, TSP shares the space with another group and is not always available, lack of car parking spaces. Members will be updated on the date for the next stall.

Pymmes Park Festival 25th July 2015 - update

By going to different events in the local community such as Asda and Pymmes Park people are now starting to recognise and remember TSP which proves community awareness is working.


Enfield Lupus Support Group 12th Anniversary The Lupus Group are having a fund raising event on Saturday 12th September 2015 at Haringey Irish Centre from 6.30pm 1am. Tickets are 25.

Focus group

The Volunteer Coordinator apologised but will no longer be involved with the group due to other commitments. Perhaps members of the group can still work together.

Lunch and socialising

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