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Network Club

Network Club - 26th june 2015

Topic: New Carers Act

Chairing by: Mandy Robinson



Highlights for discussion


Registration/Tea & Coffee Gentle aerobic exercise for everyone

• Welcome and introduction (Gentle aerobic exercise)


MS Talk

• MS talk


Steering Group

• Steering group


Night – 26th Sep 2015

• Speaker – Sue Allison – New Careers Act


Speaker – Sue Allison – New Carers Act

• Yvonne Henderson – Discussing Healthy foods


Pymmes Park Festival – 25th July 2015 – Volunteers needed




Visit & support Facebook & Twitter accounts




Yvonne Henderson – Discussing Healthy foods



Karlene Rickard – Introducing her book (Living Free With MS)






Lunch & socialising



Edmonton Baptist Church, Monmouth Road, N9 0LS




MS talk

A member commented on the teleconference going well, but would like more people to participate. Everyone else was managing well.

Member – Karlene Rickard – Living Free With MS

Karlene talked about her personal experience of MS which is all explained in the book Living Free with MS. This book is available on Amazon for £10.00.

TSP - Twitter/Facebook

Members are encouraged to make the most of TSP twitter/facebook by sharing information, articles and their personal experiences with others.

Steering group

The following issues were raised:

- Social outing for members e.g the theatre, restaurants, cinema and museums.

- George contacted Dial-A-Ride to raise member’s concerns regarding the service

Norma has spoken to TFL and someone has agreed to attend TSP at a later date to give a talk.

Quiz Night – 26th September 2015

If anyone has family or friends who would be willing to help out at the Quiz Night please let the Volunteer Coordinator know. A list will be sent out for the following help needed:

- Volunteers, scorers, and usherettes

Pymmes Park festival – 25/07/2015

TSP is going to have an information stand on the day. If anyone is interested to volunteer and hand out leaflets it would be helpful if someone with MS was there.

Healthy food - Speaker – Yvonne Henderson

Yvonne spoke about vitamins and minerals needed by the body in small amounts to work properly:

- Chia seeds contain a high source of Omega 3’s fat and can be used as a substitute for egg

- Pink Himalayan salt is low in sodium and high in minerals and much healthier than table salt

- Calcium Bentonite can be consumed to rid the body of toxins and used externally on the skin to heal against allergies.

New Carer’s Act – Speaker – Sue Ellison

Hand outs of the presentation slides were distributed. Changes to the Carer’s Act will be introduced over 2 years. It strengthens the rights for carers, their support. A carer is entitled to an assessment to recognise the impact their caring role has on them:

- Wellbeing - physical, mental and emotional health.

- Better access to information and advice

- A new model of paying for care, with a cap on the care costs for which an individual is liable

- Lunch and Socialising

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