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Network Club

Overview of Monthly Network Club

Our monthly network club are held on the last Friday of each month and are open to anyone living with or affected by MS, those who support the cause of MS or anyone who is just interested in understanding MS. Workshops/information sessions are delivered by professionals at each network club and are based on different topics of interest to our services users.

The Network club brings service users & the general community together to receive relevant information, relate personal experiences, listen to & accept the experiences of Network Club image 1others, discuss issues of concern & interest while establishing social networks.

We also hold open forums as part of the network club which are member led. These forums are for members to share their stories, and any other information with the group. ‘Hot Nutritious Meals’ are provided at every network club. Come and be part of this experience’

Network Club Image2By attending the monthly support network club and participating in the health and wellbeing workshops, service users are equipped with relevant information, knowledge and tools needed to support their independence and to self manage their conditions. As they take control over their situation they become more confident in taking steps to improve their own health and wellbeing and this network club image 3invariably increases their motivation to participate and play active roles in their communities. Exercise sessions are also part of the network club and yes you cannot go wrong with Afro-slamming for those able to shake it off.



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